PROJECT “Tour de Droef”

Give a Bike sponsors Wageningen’s annual student race (June 2019)

We were the proud sponsors, for the second year running, of Droevendaal’s annual “Tour de Droef”. This student-organized bike tour based in a Wageningen neighbourhood is known to be no conventional race – participants have to complete multiple laps with original disciplines, such as racing while balancing a beer crate! Being based in Wageningen, home to one of the world’s leading universities in environmental sciences, participants are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about initiatives relating to sustainability and sustainable mobility. We sponsored this race by donating two bicycles to the tour’s winners, and took the opportunity to talk about our organization and upcoming projects. We received many vintage frames as kind donations for use in our future work – we thank participants and organizers for their support and hospitality !

Three ways you can help


Donate your old bike and
give it a new life.


Help us fix bikes and complete more projects


Donate €25,- and you can give one person a bike.