Our first team-building event in support of Rotterdam’s asylum seekers center (June 2019)

In June 2019 we organized and facilitated our first team-building activity in Amsterdam: giving 9 teams of 8 people the challenging task of assembling 1 complete bicycle (a classic black “oma-fiets”) in just 45 minutes. We prepared instructions to guide each team through the process, and four of our volunteers were present at the event to provide tips and support. We all had a lot of fun! Some participants had prior experience and moved swiftly through the process, others resorted to some improvisation which led to some interesting bikes and kept our volunteers busy…! 

This event also gave us an opportunity to discuss our work, and explain the purpose of the team-building activity in supporting our latest social project. Once completed, the 9 bikes (alongside 1 bike completed by our own team) were directly donated to Rotterdam’s Asylum Seekers’ Center. The center wanted to expand the number of bicycles available to its residents for commuting within and around the city by setting up their own in-house bike-sharing system. Following our donation, they chose to give the bikes a distinctive look by painting the front fork and mudguard a bright orange. We have been told they are a big success and in high demand! Maybe some of you have spotted them around Rotterdam?

Big thanks to our volunteers Martin Trcka, Beni Toth, Juna van Saaze and Liviu Mindru and My Hotel Bike who helped realize this event. 

We are happy to share our instruction factsheets here: Bike building activity – instruction sheets – check them out if you are keen on organizing your own bike-assembling team-building activity, or are looking to assemble your very own bike!

Three ways you can help


Donate your old bike and
give it a new life.


Help us fix bikes and complete more projects


Donate €25,- and you can give one person a bike.