Support local NGO’s by enhancing mobility by giving bikes

We recently donated bikes to several project in Kenya. In collaboration with Betuwe Wereldwijd we want to support local NGO’s by enhancing mobility by giving bikes to the volunteers and participants in the programs.

Fact and figures about Kenya:
Farming is the main source of income in Kenya. 90 % of the children goes to the elementary school. Only 23,5% goes to secondary school. 25% of the population lives in poverty.

The Homa Bay District.
Around 30% of the people in this district are HIV infected. In 2009 the estimated total amount of orphans because of diseased parents from HIV was 1,2 million. In the Homa Bay district the amount of orphans is estimated on 40.000.

Therefore our Partner Stichting Betuwe Wereldwijd is excuting 3 projects to reduce problems where possible. This foundation sends tools, sewing machines and other gear to support local projects that create a better future and help develop the area. We reserved a spot in the container to bring bikes to the ones in need. Bikes will be given to the following purposes:

Wasemeta Women Group.
This group facilitates care and helps the disables and abused people in this region. Wasemeta Women Group gives them a place to talk and to process their problems. The provided bikes will be used to get the people to the WWG in the Rachuonyo district. Crossing distances by foot can be a reason not to go to the WWG and therefore we provide bikes for the members of the group. Bikes will remain in possession of the WWG and are used to improve the execution of the work.

Nakuru Women Group
This group provides education to poor and disabled people in Nakuru region. This includes computer training, sewing lessons and technical training like wood-and metalworking. Bikes can be used in all different ways. For help the people who live far away for Nakuru get access to the training and facilities. We believe that a woodworker is valuable but a woodworker on a bike is even more.  Bikes will be in possession of the NWG.

St. Jude Self Help Group
This groups is founded after the political riots in the country to give a safe place for the vulnerable people in the region. They provide a variety of training around sewing, woodworking and farming. They also provide financial courses and other support to become independent.  By donating bikes gives the people better access to this educational centre in the Rift Valley area.  Bikes also can be used to provide training on location by the employees of the St. Jude Selp Help group.

Two ways you can help


Donate your old bike and
give it a new life.


Donate €25,- and you can give one person a bike.