PROJECT Bikes for Seedz Zorg

A new collaboration has begun, starting with the donation of 14 refurbished bicycles from our Give a Bike workshop to the Rotterdam-based Stichting Seedz Zorg

Stichting Seedz Zorg is a foundation offering guidance, support and learning activities leading people who are disadvantaged in the labor market due to social or psychological difficulties into education and employment. They do this by creating a “space of possibilities” – both inspiring and pragmatic, where people can discover and develop their personal qualities. Our bicycles will be used by people participating in the foundation’s courses and activities. We are excited to increase our bike donations through collaborations with new partners within Zuid-Holland, and look forward to future work together. .  

Three ways you can help


Donate your old bike and
give it a new life.


Help us fix bikes and complete more projects


Donate €25,- and you can give one person a bike.