Let everyone experience the freedom of riding a bike

Bring bikes to the ones in need

We aim to increase the independence and mobility of people who can most benefit from receiving a bicycle, but struggle to gain access to one. By re-cycling and refurbishing the donated bikes in our Rotterdam workshop and transporting them to where they are needed, we enhance and extend the value of the bikes. We aim for projects in regions where not only the individuals, but also the community gains by acquiring such bikes.


We believe in collaboration with local partners and focusing on specific regions at home and abroad. Think global, act local.


By extending the bi-cycle of life, we want to participate in a more sustainable world. Green is clean.


With fully transparent operations we give our donors and partners insight into our methods. Seeing is believing.

Free, green & healthy

Everyone should be able to get on a bike to cross distances for their daily commute, for going to school or for visiting a family member. Bikes provide you with free, green and healthy transport. You don’t have to tell us! We are ”Dutchies”! We have more bikes than people!

Hence, the idea of ​​starting social projects with underused bikes. Our social start-up wants to share that feeling of freedom we get when cycling, with the rest of the world.


Help us to design a better world

Not a Charity, a world wide social bicycle network.

We want to give a rod instead of a fish. We believe the bike is our rod and by making people more mobile they get better opportunities. Bringing bikes to a certain region will also mean these bikes need to be maintained and fixed, which can lead to employment. By not only giving the bikes, but also the knowledge around bikes, we want to create sustainable solutions for the whole community. Have a look at our Business Plan to learn more.

The Team

Three young entrepreneurs with skills in Design, Marketing and Engineering started the foundation which has since grown to an international team of enthusiastic volunteers!