Transport is life-changing

In developing countries access to sustainable transport is life-changing. It allows access to healthcare for people in remote locations, as well as education, food, water and to the wider community. Having a bike means one can travel more easily in a shorter amount of time, while carrying four times as much compared to traveling by foot. In the Netherlands alone, thousands of abandoned bikes are removed and destroyed each month. By recycling and donating these bikes to people in need in the developing world, we are creating a win-win situation for all.

Totohealth’s community health volunteers visit people at home, identify new parents and help register them to receive free SMSs that contain valuable information about pregnancy, childbirth and child rearing. Information which empowers them to feel more prepared to lead a healthy pregnancy and to be better equipped as future parents. They fight for an extremely important cause and Give a Bike wants to further enable Totohealth workers to reach out to more people through the donation of bikes. In other words, an unused Dutch bike has the potential of saving the life of a mother and/or child in Tanzania!

Why is this so important?

Totohealth’s vision is a world where no woman dies giving life and where every child has a fair and equal start in life. Their mission is to make motherhood a safe and joyful experience.

Every year 7,900 women die of pregnancy related complication in Tanzania. One of the reasons behind this problem is that 50 percent of all deliveries still take place at home without the help of a skilled birth attendant. There are several underlying reasons to be mentioned. One has to do with a poor understanding of pregnancy and it’s potential risk amongst parents. Another involves distrust in the health care system partly due to big shortages of health professionals.


Maternal deaths every year in Tanzania. In Holland there are 8.


Children die under the age of 5 every year


People living with a dissability

How can bikes help?

Totohealth primarily like to use the donated bikes at community level to give to our volunteers and staff to recruit mothers into their SMS platform to receive the messages. This means, when the volunteers are in possession of bikes they are able to get better access to the rural areas and hard to reach villages. This is where the problem is most severe. So your old bike can really make a difference!

All given bikes will be in possession of the Totohealth organization. Since we don’t have bikes for all of them they will be given to the best performing volunteers. In that way volunteers who acquire a bike will feel proud and responsible for their possession and are rewarded for their good work.

Totohealth’s service is a big success, they are working in several areas in Kenya and Tanzania and expending rapidly. We think their mobility should expend likewise. So; let’s give a bike!

“With the bikes from Give a Bike our volunteers are able to go the extra mile and reach more families living in very remote areas where there is the biggest need. A bike will be a great incentive to motivate our volunteers working in challenging environments”

Giulia Besana, CEO Totohealth

Three ways you can help


Donate your old bike and
give it a new life.

Buy 1 give 1

We build, you ride.
And someone else as well


Donate €25,- and you can give one person a bike.